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Web  Camera Covers

Web Camera Covers 10PCS

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Web Camera Cover 10pcs

Front-facing Camera, Web Cam Cover

Works on cellphones,.laptops, tablets etc

Privacy and identity theft protection.

Hackers time and time again access their victim's smartphone and or laptops front-facing camera to confirm the identity of their victim in order to steal their identity.

The only real fail-safe way to prevent this form of online identity theft Is if the hacker can't visually confirm your identity. This goes over and above internet security software.

These super-slim 0.7mm thin webcam covers allow you to choose when you want the camera to see you. If you need to take a picture or use Skype for example just slide the window across to view the camera lense.

You can use ordinary tape as a webcam cover but the trouble with that approach is that tape leaves a sticky, tacky mess behind when the time comes to use the camera again rendering it basically useless intill you use a solvent cleaner to remove the sticky film which often damages the sensitive cameras plastic outter lense.

To install:

Press firmly for 1 minute once you have lined up the camera lens with the camera covers eyehole opening.

TIP: Turn the camera on when lining up the cover to ensure the camera has a full view with the camera cover eye hole in the open position.

Maximum adhesion is achieved 24 hours after installation.

Samsung, iPhone, Apple, Nokia, HTC, LG, Motorola, BlackBerry, Huawei, Sony. Etc

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