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Service Decals 25PCS

Service Decals 25PCS

Service Decals 25pcs

(Electrostatic) transparent vehicle oil service due decals.


Excellent for logbook or vehicle windscreens. Popular with commercial vehicles and a business fleet.


Transparent once the label is removed from its backing.


These labels are electrostatic so they don't stick with traditional sticky tack, They are attracted to the glass and therefore come off cleanly with no sticky mess on the window to remove as with traditional service labels.


You can re-locate these labels at any time by peeling them back and reinstalling them elsewhere. Perfect for an automotive application.


These labels save time and the headache of removing old sticky labels with thinners and scrapers that often don't remove all of the old residue left behind.


I currently use this style of service label on my own vehicles after testing them for more than two years. The original label I applied back in 2017 is still attached to the windscreen in spite of the faded details that can easily be rewritten so there is no problem with the labels falling off.



Write on the service label.

(Ballpoint pen is fine but it can fade after 6 months in the sun so may require a touch up once per year).


Clean the window or vehicle body part you wish to attach the label.


Wet the reverse of the label or surface in which the label will be attached.

Apply: Most common is to the inside of your windscreen.


You can face it inside or out. (I have found facing the label towards the interior reduces ballpoint pen fade and makes you notice the reminder easier)


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