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Radiation Detector Geiger Counter

Radiation Detector Geiger Counter

Radiation Detector Geiger Counter


Popular in Hospital radiology


Sensor Type: Energy Compensation (GM Tube)


Detectable: (Beta, Gamma, Xray)


Energy Range: 50KEV-1.5MEV


Relative Intrinsic Error: Less than + Or - 10%


Sensitivity: 80CPM - USV Co-60


Maximum dose 99.99 USV/H


Voice Source: Practical sound, Alarm Sound, Mute


Alarm threshold: 0.5/1.0/2.0/5.0


Temperature range: -25 +45 Celsius


Humidity: Less than 95%




Real time dose display


Mean does display


Power supply: 3X AA Battery's (Not included)


Item Size 105X70X30MM / 105g


Meets GB 18871-2002 Standards for protection against ionizing radiation and for the safety of radiation sources


This Geiger counter consists of a Geiger–Müller tube (The sensing element which detects the radiation) & the micro processor which displays the results on screen.


The Geiger–Müller tube is filled with an inert gas which at low pressure where a voltage is applied the tube briefly conducts electrical charge when a particle or photon of radiation makes the gas

conductive by ionization.


The ionization is considerably amplified within the tube by the Townsend discharge effect to produce an easily measured detection pulse, which is fed to the micro processor then displayed on screen.


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