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Gold Silver Dehumidifier

Gold Silver Dehumidifer 2pcs

Gold Silver Dehumidifier 2pcs

Designed to absorb 400ml of moisture from the air per container. You get two in this auction (800ml) wist being economical on space and being spill safe. This is a big step up from the small silica gel packs regarding the volume of moisture absorbed and fully re-usable, unlike the calcium chloride tubs which also have a spill risk.

These crystals can be dried out and reused indefinitely.

Box dimensions:

Compact size, 60X60X20MM
(Vacuum Sealed when new)

Perfect for use in bullion safes to prevent your gold, silver, platinum and other precious metals from the tarnish that can occur from exposure to moisture in the air when in storage. A popular item for gun safes and storing with cameras and film to prevent moisture damage as well.

Moisture trapped in safes when closed for periods of time can cause oxidation to metals so its important to (air them out) once a week and or install moisture absorbing material if regular airing out of your safe isn't practical or possible.

The orange-colored crystals indicate that they are dry and absorbent, once they turn blue this indicates they are now holding moisture and need to be dried out.

How to dry out and re-use crystals.

Option 1.

Oven method:

15 minutes. (See auction images for reference)

Option 2.

Sun method.

Spread the damp crystals on a metal tray and place in the direct sun (indoors).

As per the oven method once the crystals change color back to orange they are dry and ready to re-use.

Results depend on climate and relative humidity.

Buyers who purchased in 2019 that were surveyed purchased silver and gold from the following bullion dealers.

Provident Metals, Regal Assets, Scottsdale Mint, APMEX, JM Bullion,, SDBullion, Golden State Mint.

Kiwi Trader, This item is located in New Zealand and ready for immedate dispatch.


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