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Gas Detection Meter

Gas Detection Meter

Gas Detection Meter


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This tool is a combustible gas detector. It's an excellent tool for identifying combustible gas or vapor/residue and for pinpointing known gas leaks.


Wide scope of application:

Detecting gas leaks on gas lines such as mains and bottled combustible gas.

Detecting gas leaks at propane/LPG/CNG gas refill stations.

Detecting gas and fuel leaks in automotive applications.

Detecting gas leaks in manholes and confined spaces for safety.


Flexible probe: The flexible gooseneck allows for flexibility and detection of leaks in hard to reach and confined spaces.

Auto fast warm-up can give you a quick response after 20 seconds.

Adjustable sensitivity: You can Increase the sensitivity dial to find small gas leaks.

Decrease sensitivity to find larger explosive gas leaks while filtering out false alarms from background gas levels. 

Minimum 50 PPM (methane)


Features a 6 LED leak size indicator, pluse with a speaker alarm to notify the user of a gas leak.


Color: Black + Red
Material: ABS
Probe Length: 320mm
Detect Item: Combustible Gas.
Adjustable Sensitivity: minimum 50PPM
Response Time: Instantaneous
Warm-up Time: < 20S
Continuous Operation Time: 9 Hours(slightly vary with the working condition)

Power Supply: 3 * 1.5V AA Battery ( Not Included)
Item Size: 159*65*32mm
Item Weight: 186g

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