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Binoculars 40x22

Binoculars 40x22

Binoculars 40x22


40X22 HD Folding Binoculars


Compact pocket design,


2000M/2Kms Maximum Viewing Range


Including travel case and lanyard


Designed to be pocket compact and offer the user viewing up to 2kms.


Binoculars are often specified by a set of numbers such as 7×35 or 8×40, the first number indicates the strength of magnification (how many times closer the subject is to you, 5 times closer, 7 times closer, 10 times closer) and the second number is the size of the objective lens measured in millimeters going across the lens.

The size of the objective lens will determine how much light the binocular can obtain for effective viewing. The higher the number, the larger the lens, in effect allowing more light to pass through thereby projecting a brighter image and viewing experience. However, binoculars with smaller lenses are more compact and portable,


Kiwi Trader, This item is located in New Zealand and ready for immedate dispatch.


Selling since 2018

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