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Battery Capacity Tester

Battery Capacity Tester

Battery Capacity Tester




AAA batteries, AA batteries, C cell batteries, D cell batteries, 9 Volt batteries, 18650 Batteries, 16340 Batteries, 10440 Batteries, 21700 Batteries, CR2032 Batteries, LR44 Battery, L736 Batterys, 6F22 Batteries.

Works instantly and accurately

Direct from the manufacturer

Excellent for users of rechargeable batteries and individuals who rely on batterys (Rechargable or not) for going out camping, hunting and fishing, etc to keep track of the health of these batteries.

New Zealand seller, this item is not subject to import duties, additional tax or international shipping times. Buyers are supporting a local New Zealand business.

Posted and tracked by NZ Courier Post.


    Postage is with New Zealand Courier Post, Delivery time is 1-2 Business days on average. If you order on Friday-Sunday Your order will be dispatched first thing Monday morning. Items include a tracking number that will be sent to you upon dispatch.

$33.40 一般價格
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