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Weather Station Barometer Classic

Weather Station Barometer Classic

Weather Station Barometer Classic

Analog weather station

Wall hanging vintage classic style.



Measureing range: 970-1060hpa
-30 to 50 degreese celcus, 0-100% Relitive Humidity.

Accuracy: +/-5hpa +/-2 Degrees.

This weather station is an accurate instrument that it calibrated from the factory to be set at 400 Meters above sea level. You can adjust this with the calibration screw at the rear of the unit to calibrate it for your local hight above sea level.

A barometer is a scientific instrument that is used to measure air pressure. Pressure tendency can forecast changes in the weather conditions. The average atmospheric pressure on the earth's surface varies between 940 and 1040 hPa (mbar). The average atmospheric pressure at sea level is 1013 hPa (mbar).

A rapid drop in barometric pressure indicates a upcoming weather disturbance which will likely result in showers.

A regular elevation in barometer pressure indicates dry and clear weather can be expected.

A slow continuous drop in pressure typically predicts upcoming bad weather.

A slow drop in pressure of 4 to 6hpa per 24 hours typically expresses an approaching depression some distance away.

A fast pressure drop of 4hpa per hour typically expresses a weather disturbance approaching in a short period of time.

A steep pressure drop of 12hpa or more per hour within 5 hours expresses approaching rain and high winds.

Includes detailed instructions.

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