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Vacuum Leak Detector

Automotive Vacuum Leak Detector

Automotive Vacuum Leak Detector


Smoke machine for testing for exhaust leaks, Intake leaks, Crankcase leaks, Intercooler leaks, Throttle Leaks, Valve leaks, Car seal leaks, Turbocharger leaks, Air conditioning leaks, EVAP system leaks etc.


Connect the machine to a 12V battery with the provided cables


Connect the air hose to the part that requires testing (Intake system for example)


Connect a hose to the air intake from an air compressor on low pressure or use a bike pump to pump the smoke through (You can even just blow the smoke through by blowing by mouth)


Fill the machine with 10ml of oil to start with on the first time use but can take 20ml thereafter (100ml bottle is provided with non toxic smoke machine fluid provided (Leaves no oily residue) you can use baby oil, mineral oil, or paraffin oil if you choose so.


Wait 30 seconds for the fluid to heat up and your away


Do not operate the machine for more than 8 minutes continuously at a time without letting it cool off (Overheat protection is inbuilt at 75 Degrees C)


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