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Thermometer Gun

Thermometer Gun -50 +400 degrees

Thermometer Gun -50 +400 degrees

Industrial extreme temperature meter.

-50/400+ celsius.

High accuracy anti-interference non-contact industrial digital Infrared IR laser thermometer/Pyrometer.

This is a thermal imaging device designed to test the temperature of items such as stove tops, vehicle engine parts, fridge/freezers, hot water cylinders, heat pumps, air conditioners, and much more. Can be used to measure walls, floors and other less extreme temperatures but not human body temperature. The thermometer guns used for that are calibrated differently.

When any object is hot, it radiates heat from all parts. These molecules vibrate with a greater velocity. This laser thermometer gun can measure this increase in velocity with excellent accuracy. The increase in velocity is then converted into a digital temperature reading by its thermopile.

Temperature range: -50 +600 degrees celsius.
Response time: 500ms.
Emissivity: 0.95%
Operating unit temperature and humidity: 0-40 celsius 10/95% RH
Distance to spot ratio: 12:1

Requires: X2 AAA Batteries.

A popular tool for use in the automotive industry for testing catalytic converters for blockages from their heat signature, Coil packs, cam sensors for failure, exhaust headers for ignition issues.

Home use includes testing hot water cylinder water temperature to ensure the thermostat is working correctly and testing fridges to ensure they are working correctly.

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