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Soldering Training

Soldering Training

Soldering Training


Soldering practice for students




Popular for use in schools, manufacturing and DIY electronics training.


Five pointed (Blue Star) Gradient LED + Round LED kit (Mulit colored)


LEDS have a gradual change from dark to light when operational (Star) and colorful voice control with rotating LED lights (circle)


DC 4-6V


Direct from the manufacturer


Selling since 2018


New Zealand seller, this item is not subject to import duties, additional tax or international shipping times. Buyers are supporting a local New Zealand business.


Posted and tracked by NZ Courier Post

  • Shipping INFO

    Postage is with New Zealand Courier Post, Delivery time is 1-2 Business days on average. If you order on Friday-Sunday Your order will be dispatched first thing Monday morning. Items include a tracking number that will be sent to you upon dispatch.

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