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Siphon Pump

Siphon Pump

Siphon Pump


Manual hand pump for draining or installing or removing differential oil, automatic transmission fluid, manual gearbox oil, power steering fluid, brake fluid, petrol, and diesel or any automotive fluids.


The key advantage is you control the flow rate. Electric pumps can cause leaks and a mess due to the uncontrollable flow rate.


Can be used for transferring freshwater in a camping or civil emergency application, removing water from general household spills, draining a fish tank, etc, Includes fittings for pumping up an air bed and bike tire valve, etc

I only stock this model hand pump after testing other style hand pumps on the market over the last few years with limited success and or value for money.


With this pump, you get all the practical hose fittings plus X2 one meter long hoses and good suction draw all in a compact pump that fits in a glove box or bag. Other pumps were either too large to transport easily, lacked the suction draw for the number of pumps required and or were overpriced for what you receive.


I use this model pump for changing out the differential fluid on my own vehicles and it's also excellent at sucking out excess automatic transmission fluid via the filler hole if you accidentally overfill. This is more effective than dropping out the sump plug and having to guess how much fluid to remove as well as changing out the crush washer.


The two hoses are long enough to accommodate most DIY jobs and the pump has an excellent suction draw with minimal effort.

NB: To smooth out the hoses when you unpack them for the first time, lay them in the sun for an hour.


Kiwi Trader, This item is located in New Zealand and ready for immedate dispatch.


Selling since 2018

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