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Sieve Strainer 400 Fine

Sieve Strainer 400 Fine

Sieve Strainer 400 Fine


400 microns mesh filter


400 microns = 0.4 millimetre


Fully re-usable with a wide range of uses


Easy to clean


Filers out impurities


High temperature resistant


Non slip handle


400 Micron


Excellent for filtering: Beer, Honey, Jams, Orange Juice, Coffee, Vegetable oils, Fish tank water, Bio Diesel etc


Ensure a better final product and brighter Honey. Remove Impurities after harvesting honey from your hive, strains out pollen, wax, caps, and other contaminants.


Have you ever finished a painting job and realized that debris or a particles are stuck to the wall but it is too late to try and get it off because the paint is set? Straining your paint limits this issue and it allows for the smoothest and purest possible finish.



1 Micron = 1 Millionth of a Meter 1 Micron = 1 Thousandth of a Millimeter 1 Micron = 39 Millionth of an Inch (0.000039) 25.4 Micron = Visible with Magnification 40 Microns = Visible with Magnification 40 to 90 Microns = Diameter of a Human Hair


Kiwi Trader, This item is located in New Zealand and ready for immedate dispatch.


Selling since 2018

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    Your item will be sent with NZ Post and delivery times are 1-3 Business days on average. If you order on Friday through Sunday, your order will be dispatched first thing Monday morning. Postage includes a tracking number that will be emailed to you post purchase.

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