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Roof Hood Liner Repair Pins

Roof Hood Liner Repair Pins 50PCS

Roof Hood Liner Repair Pins


Innovative vehicle roof liner repair pins for repairing a sagging roof liner




These pins can also be used for fixing loose fabric on couches and furniture.

These pins are a hand twist style pin, easy to install and have clear button heads so they look as discreet as possible on any color roof liner.


For the best results measure the length and width of your roof lining and distribute the pins evenly across it.


To check to ensure your roof lining is soft enough to accommodate these pins by poking a small common pin through the liner somewhere not too obvious.


If there is no insulation or cardboard sleeve above the sagging liner for these pins to penetrate into they will not work and you may need to remove the entire roof liner and have it re-glued with new adhesive in order to fix it properly.


You will require roughly 1.5cm of hood liner width for adequate penetration of the liner pins.


Pinhead size: Roughly 1 cm. Pin length: Roughly 1.5 cm


The intense summer heat in New Zealand is renowned for causing issues with vehicle dashboards and roof linings. The best bet is to park in shade as often as possible but this isn't always practical in which case using these roof liner pins is best when you spot the first sign of any fatigue in the liner rather than waiting for the inevitable to ensue.


Use a sunshade to protect your dashboard from cracking and fading and to keep the interior temperature as low as possible.


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