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Resistor Kit

Resistor Kit 600PCS

Resistor Kit 600pcs

Excellent comprehensive DIY Kit

1% 1/4W Metal Film Resistor Assorted Kit

30 Values Total 600pcs 20pcs of Each Value

1% tolerance

High precision and stability

Low-temperature coefficient

Low noise

Automatic insertion is applicable

Quantity: 30 Values*20pcs=600pcs.

The value list:
10O  22O  47O 100O  150O  200O  220O  270O  330O
470O  510O  680O  1KO  2KO  2.2KO  3.3KO  4.7KO  5.1KO  6.8KO
10KO  20KO  47KO  51KO  68KO  100KO  220KO  300KO  470KO  680KO  1MO


1 Pack of 600 pcs 1/4W 30 values Resistor (about 20 pcs each value)

Kiwi Trader, This item is located in New Zealand and ready for immedate dispatch.


Selling since 2018

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    Your item will be sent with NZ Post and delivery times are 1-3 Business days on average. If you order on Friday through Sunday, your order will be dispatched first thing Monday morning. Postage includes a tracking number that will be emailed to you post purchase.

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