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Radiation Tester

Radiation Tester

Radiation Tester

Portable Handheld Digital Radiation Detector/Dosimeter

Reference Standards:
1988 Regulations for Electromagnet Radiation Protection.
1996 Environmental Impact assessment methods and standards for electromagnet radiation.

The radiation output of devices such as microwaves, computers, chargers, TVs, powerlines, cellphone towers, ovens, wall plugs etc all emit an electromagnetic radiation field.

If you can test a device's radiation output strength you can minimise long term harm by avoiding high exposure. You can also determine where the safest location to position your bed or where to position your desk in an office situation to avoid excessive electromagnetic radiation exposure.

This tool can test the electric field (and) the magnetic field of radiation at the same time and displays these dual measurements on one screen.

When the test result exceeds the pre-set safe human exposure value, the instrument will alarm automatically warning the user of a high energy field present. Move the device further away from the radiation source intill the alarm stops to determine a safe distance.

Data hold and clear LCD display.
One-key can lock the radiation value for user reference to record the value recived by the instrument.
Electromagnetic radiation monitoring is excellent for households, apartments, the office and industrial sites.

Calabrated accuracy:
Electric field: 1 V/m
Magnetic field: 0.01µT
Electric field: 1-1999V/m
Magnetic field: 0.01µT -99.99µT
Reading display: 3-1/2-digit LCD
Alarm threshold value:
Electric field: 40V/m
Magnetic field: 0.4µT
Testing bandwidth: 5Hz-3500MHz
Sampling time: about 0.4 seconds
Test mode: bimodule synchronous test
Operating temperature: 0~50 / 30~122
Operating humidity: relative humidity< 80%

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