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Polishing Pads

Polishing Pads 5 Inch

Polishing Pads 5 inch


Car polishing pads and buffers set


Designed to fit a power drill



4 polishing pads,1 buffing wool pad, 1 Drill attachment and 1 polishing disk.

7pcs total


5inch/127mm Set. M14 Drill Bit.


Labor-saving device and excellent for cutting, polishing and waxing.

These are a specifically chosen size of pad from testing other sizes from 3 to 10 inches


Five-inch pads were chosen because larger sizes were getting so large that the pads became awkward for polishing small curved parts such as wing mirrors and curves in bumpers etc


The smaller sized pads took to long on large open panels such as the doors, roof, and the bonnet, This was apparent with the polishing compound which requires buffing out before the compound drys onto the paint.

Five inches was an excellent intermediate size which performed really well in all areas of testing


This kit saves the user from paying for a polishing machine than having to purchase the polishing pads that are specifically designed to only work on that particular machine


Most people own a drill, corded or battery-powered, either work well with this kit, if you are using a battery-powered drill, ensure you charge the battery before use. If you're worried about the battery dying halfway through the job, do the polish in two halves. So the roof, bonnet, and boot first half, then the doors and bumpers second half after charging the drill battery.


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