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Popular model for use in R&D, Schools and other education industries

Portable, light and compact for field use.


110MHz bandwidth, 500MS/S sampling rate and ±400w measuring voltage.


Waterproof conductive silicone buttons, drop-proof and shock absorbing silicone cover.


Stable performance throughout testing ranges: Wave form move, wave form expand, waveform save, waveform view, waveform lock, reference waveform.


Infinite persistence mode: through the persistence mode, you can capture occasional waveforms.


Use persistence mode to measure noise and jitter, view the worst-case conditions of changing waveforms, find timing violations or capture rare events.


Comprehensive trigger mode: Auto trigger will automatically trigger periodic signals, such as sine waves, normal trigger can test digital logic signals, such as infrared remote control signals, single trigger can test unexpected non-periodic signals, such as car ignition signals.


One key automatic regulation: after pressing the "AUTO" key, the oscilloscope will automatically measure the amplitude and frequency of the waveform, and automatically adjust the horizontal scale and vertical scale so that the waveform is displayed in the middle of screen.


The design scheme is more reasonable and the equipment performance is more stable: It adpots FFGA+ADC(MCU) design scheme, which has more stable performance and higher accurancy.  


14 kinds of waveform: Sine wave, Square wave, Triangle wave, CMOS wave, Half wave, Full wave, Step wave, Trapezoidal wave, Noise wave, Exponential wave, Logarithmic wave, Cinke pulse wave, Multi audio wave, Lorentz wave,


Includes carry case, test probes X2, Charging cable and comprehensive English Manual

Channel coupling: AC/DC Time base range: 5ns-10s Vertical sensetivity: 20mV/div-100V/div Screen size: 2.4inch Frequency accurancy: ±0.01% Charging method: 5V/800mA Battery: 1 * lithium battery,3000mAh Voltage measurement range: ±40V(1 file), ±400V(10 file)


Kiwi Trader, This item is located in New Zealand and ready for immedate dispatch.


Selling since 2018

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