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Laser Meter

Laser Meter

Laser meter

40 Meter range.

Also known as a laser distance meter/range finder electronic tape measure.

High accuracy up to ±1.5mm. Compact model.

This laser meter employs the latest laser technology to measure and calculate distance, area, and volume with very high accuracy.

This laser measure is much quicker and more efficient than using a tape measure, particularly where a tape measure either can't fit or extend to or where you require a second set of hands to hold the tape measures end.

In addition to this, this meter can use Pythagorean to measure distances or lengths. 

Most common DIY Home uses:

Calculating area volume prior to the purchase and installation of subwoofer boxes in vehicles.

Calculating to ensure a new Couch/Bed/Fridge/Freezer Etc will fit in the space you have allocated prior to purchase and whether these items will or will not fit on your trailer/In your car boot.

Building and renovation work for calculating timber lengths, roof lines and other hard to measure areas.

Calculating pool and spa volumes.

The meter also has various functions including:

Continuous measurement.
Max/Min measurement.
20 data memories.
Switchable units (meter, inch & feet) Backlight LCD with a multi-line display

Laser Distance Meter with a measuring range of up to 40 meters.
Includes an inbuilt water level.
1.6 LCD display.
Pythagoras function for remote measuring of height or length
Addition / Subtraction calculation.
The backlit display shows multiple readings.
Audible alarm.
Dust protected & splash-proof to IP54 rated body.

Auto laser switches off after 30 secs.
Auto Power Off after 30 sec’s no activity.
Accuracy: ±1.5mm / ±0.06in
Measurement units: m/in/ft
Laser Type: Red laser, 635nm, <1mW, Class II
Operating temperature: 0-40’C,(32-104’C)

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