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Ignition Coil Injector Solenoid Tester

Ignition Coil Injector Solenoid Tester


Tests: 12/24V Injectors, Duty cycle solenoid valves such as fuel metering valves and EGR Valves, Electronic throttle motors, Urea pump motors, idle stepper motors, instrument stepper motors, Headlight stepper motors, Air Conditioning pressure sensors, Air flow meters, (Duty cycle type)


12V Power supply with reverse protection


Electromagnetic coil drive current range: 0 - 3.5A

Output frequency range 1KHZ-100KHZ

Hall signal amplitude 1.3V -11.5V

Adjustable voltage output 1.3V - 11.5V


Includes: Power cable, 4 Signal plugs for connecting to ignition coil, fuel injector, solenoid valve, Idle speed stepper motor plug, Stepper motor welding wire, Test connection line


This item is located in New Zealand and ready for immediate dispatch


Selling since 2018

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