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Gardening Auger Large

Gardening Auger Large

Gardening Auger Large

80X300mm (Solid) not hollow inside)

Auger bit for planting.

Planting Auge, Hole borer, Mini post hole border for garden.

Fits to any corded or battery powered drill.

Custom made planting auger/Hole borer/Mini post hole border.

I have a smaller sized auger available in 50MM X 220MM If required. See my other listings.

Glossy black painted heavy steel auger drill.

Takes away the guesswork and labor of digging holes for planting bulbs, flowers, vegetables, annuals, perennials, small trees, and shrubs or use it to bore a hole to anchor your umbrella at the beach..

Simply drill as far as the auger will go and plant away. If you have small rooted plants and wish to fertilize, its a good opportunity to drop a slow-release fertilizer capsule in the bottom of the drilled hole and cover with soil.

A power drill is required to use, any brand is fine corded or cordless. If you use a cordless drill ensure that you have a healthy battery.

Let the auger do the hard work much like with any drill bit you use on steel or timber, the drill bit will cut the hole so there is no need to use excess weight on the drill itself once the blade has grabbed.

If drilling through more compact ground take your time or break the tip of the ground surface so the drill head can penetrate the ground up to the start of the cutting blade. This is a large-sized auger designed for soil dilling only so if you're wanting to drill through grass you need to clear vegetation and have the drill head on soil only to prevent clogging up the cutting head with vegetation

Hex shaft Non-Slip design that fits any electric or cordless drill

I've used this model auger for many planting jobs myself over the last year so know it's well made and will serve you well.

Kiwi Trader, This item is located in New Zealand and ready for immedate dispatch.


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