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Garden Auto Irrigation

Garden Auto Irrigation 10PCS

SKU: 364115376135191

Garden auto irrigation 10PCS

Automatic Watering

Automatic irrigation for pot plants.

Watering can, garden hose alternative.

10pcs set. Automatic watering spikes.
(just add a soda bottle for the water supply)

Color available: Green.

Excellent reviews for 2020

Selling since 2018

A simple and effective way to water pot plants, seedlings, raised planters, vegetables in the veggie garden and indoor house plants so you don't forget to or for when you go away for the weekend.

You can manually adjust the dripper systems flow rate and the bottle size to suit your indivdual irrigation needs.

Step 1.

Aquire an empty soda bottle (coke/fanta/sprite etc) 600ml-1.5L etc. Only use soda bottles as the thread matches the irrigation spike.

Step 2.

Drill a hole in the base of the bottle (Large enough that you can fill the bottle with water through the hole) This hole also creates the syphon effect so the water flows to the dripper head smoothly.

Step 3.

Screw the bottle to the automatic watering spike tightly and fill the bottle with water from the hole you just drilled in the bottles base.

Step 4.

Probe the spike into the soil next to the plant, and adjust the dripper flow rate to suit.

Excellent for automatic irrigation when you leave for the weekend or go on vacation

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Selling since 2018

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