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Foam Gun

Foam Gun

Foam Gun


All pressure foam gun for cars, trucks, buildings


Available: Blue


Designed to disperse any brand of vehicle wash detergent into a workable layer of foam detergent, not just air bubbles as some do.


I use Armor All Heavy Duty Wash (Green bottle) Which works really well. Not an endorsement*


Works on any water pressure including often lower pressure rural groundwater pumps.


The components are designed to last with heavy-duty brass fittings and quality heavy ABS plastics employed in its construction.


You can unclip the head at any time to reveal the adjustable brass wide fan or narrow high-pressure head for pre-rinsing and post foam washdown.


The high-pressure mode is excellent for cleaning the underbody and wheels.

This wash gun can also be used for House/Boat/Truck washing.



Always rinse your vehicle before applying wash detergent to loosen existing dirt up and wash section by section from the roof down, ensuring if you use a sponge or wash brush that's been rinsed after each use to avoid introducing the same dirt particles to each section your washing.


Washout of direct sunlight and for the best quality finish, dry the vehicle with microfiber towels immediately after washing to avoid hard water spots and never use a gas station automatic car wash machines. They will scratch your paint if not immediately guaranteed to overtime.


See auction images for instructions on how to access the rinse gun.

I use this wash gun myself so stand by its performance. Includes detailed instructions.


Kiwi Trader, This item is located in New Zealand and ready for immedate dispatch.


Selling since 2018

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