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Cigar Box Type 1

Cigar Box Type 1

Cigar Box Type 1


Cigar Box


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Spanish Cedar wood cigar box

Glass Inspection window

Smooth stainless steel hinges

Box Internals: Length X 21cm, Width X 15cm, Height 4cm Enough for 15-25 Cigars depending on size of cigars

Scratch resistant bottom

Includes the dropper, humidifier and movable divider

Air tight design with Internal hydrometer and humidifier with rubber gasket seals to monitor and control the internal environment which is important in the long term storage of cigars.

This humidor is a humidity-controlled box used primarily for storing cigars, cigarettes, cannabis, or pipe tobacco.

Either too much or too little humidity can be harmful to tobacco products, the humidor's primary function is to maintain a steady, desirable moisture level inside, secondarily it protects its contents from physical damage and deterioration from sunlight.

The box is a veneer of Spanish cedar, a traditional material which possesses several desirable characteristics for cigar storage: It holds more moisture than most woods, so it helps maintain humidity.

It is not prone to warping or cupping in high humidity. It imparts its aroma to cigars. For the same reason, some cigars are wrapped in Spanish-cedar sheets before they are sold.

It can repel tobacco beetles, pinhead-sized pests which can ruin entire stocks of cigars by eating the tobacco and laying eggs, causing further infestation.

They can also be discouraged by ensuring the humidor does not get hotter than 20 °C (68 °F).The beetle eggs usually only hatch at around 25 °C (77 °F) although there are also instances where they will hatch at cooler temperatures if the humidity is too high.

The humidor should never be exposed to direct sunlight to discourage eggs of tobacco beetles from hatching and to prevent cigar rot, its internal temperature should be kept below 25 °C as well as below 75% relative humidity. At temperatures below 12 °C


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