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Automotive Stethoscope

Automotive Stethoscope

Automotive Stethoscope

Mechanics engine diagnostic stethoscope.

Pinpoint mechanical issues.

This is a highly sensitive stethoscope specifically designed for automotive applications.

Detectable frequency range: 10HZ-10KHZ.

I had excellent reviews for the year ending 2020 for this model stethoscope.

When many engine parts become old and wear with age they begin to whine and rattle. You can isolate where a particular noise is coming from by using this automotive stethoscope test tool.

This stethoscope is an instrument that allows the user to gauge unusual noises in engine parts such as worn bearings, vacuum leaks, water hose and radiator core blocks, worn gears, faulty valves, water pump failure, damaged leaking gaskets, etc

I located a very small vacuum leak on my own vehicle with this model stethoscope by placing it at the end of each vacuum hose on the intake plenum. It was inaudible by ear alone but was affecting the idle rate. This is an example where the tool can save time and money if you can find the fault yourself you don't have to pay a mechanic to do the exact same thing


Quality stainless steel construction with soft PVC hose and probe. You can adjust the earpieces pressure by bending them back to suit.

Features a long stainless steel probe for hard to reach parts.

Anti-shock design.

Materials: Rubber, Plastic & Stainless Steel.

Probe Length: Approx. 22.5cm + 7cm.

Probe Diameter: Approx. 0.3cm.

NB: Be careful using the tool around moving parts such as fan belts and spinning internals on alternators for example

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