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Automotive LEDS

Automotive LEDS 25PCS

Vechicle LEDS 25pcs


T10 Size




25PCS bulk deal


White,Green,Orange or Blue


You choose.


Designed to replace incandescent bulbs in the automotive dash, number plate, interior.


These LED's are the perfect fit for any T10 wedge bulb fitting.


They have a distinctive low profile design that's specifically designed to fit where other LED's can not.


The output is a super bright and crisp 100 Lumens per LED.


Suitable for:


Vehicle interior:

Doors, Roof lights, behind the instrumentation cluster, Trunk. Glove box.


Vehicle Exterior:

Number plate lights, Park/Side marker lights.


Quality control tested before you purchase.

I only use this model T10 LED myself after testing their longevity and performance over the last two years.

All other T10 LEDs I tested had at least some LED Chips fail within the first 6 months.


Direct fitment. Fits where others can not.


Brightness output to wattage consumption ratio. High lumens output that rivals high-end LEDS but with only 0.5W power consumption per unit.


Price. You don't always get what you pay for in the world of LED's as I found out. These LED'S Are the best result of my market testing.


New Zealand seller, this item is not subject to import duties, additional tax or international shipping times. Buyers are supporting a local New Zealand business.



Kiwi Trader, This item is located in New Zealand and ready for immedate dispatch.


Selling since 2018

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