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Smoke Machines

Heated fog machines use either an inert gas or an electric pump to propel mineral oil, propylene glycol, or glycerin and water mixture into a heat exchanger, where the solution is vaporized. The most commonly encountered form of heated fog machine is the pump machine. Very basic models of this type of machine consist of a fluid reservoir, an electric pump to move the fog fluid and heat exchanger which vaporizes the fluid. More complex models may include a variety of other features, including variable speed pumps to control the output of fog, timer modules, or components for remote operation and monitoring of the fog machines' status. Some manufacturers have produced accessories and fluids that when combined with an ordinary heated pump machine, create fog effects similar to chilled fog machines. Gas propelled fog machines use an inert gas (most commonly CO2 or nitrogen) to propel either mineral oil or a glycol based fluid into a heat exchanger where it is vaporized into particles, creating a fog. Some models of gas propelled fog machine provide control over the output of fog by varying the volume of gas used to propel the fluid.

Our Machines:

We have fog/Smoke machines to suit domestic/semi commercial needs.Search (Smoke) into the search bar on the home page to see the range.

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