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Gardening Augers

An earth auger, earth drill, or post-hole auger is a drilling tool or machine used for making holes in the ground. It typically consists of a rotating vertical metal rod or pipe with one or more blades attached at the lower end, that cut or scrape the soil.

Our Augers:

Our augers are compact attachment augers, these small augers are a helpful gardening implement for planting and drilling holes to install posts or even tent poles. They take advantage of the torque and portability of cordless power-drills to save you on the labor off manual digging. We currently have two sizes available, One is for planting seeds and seedlings and the larger size is for planting more established plants such as veggies in a vegetable garden. For use in very hard compacted ground it is recommended breaking the surface tension first with a claw hammer of spade to give the auger a chance to bite into the ground.

For more information please type (auger) into the search bar on the home page to see the range.

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